Trainings & Seminars

Trainings, Lectures, Workshops & Seminars

Elana has over 15 years experience conducting trainings, workshops, guest lectures and seminars for educational institutions, community organizations and businesses. She holds certifications as a DIR/Floortime Practitioner, a Developmental Disability Sexuality Educator and a Young Adult PEERS Program Facilitator. All engagements are tailored to meet the individual needs of your organization and the people they serve.

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders : Demystification for Individuals, Parents, Educators & Schools, Clinicians, Bosses & Businesses

  • Autism & Asperger’s 101: An Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • How ASD impacts learning, achievement and performance

Regulation, Engagement, Resiliency, Executive Function, Mindset, Self-Awareness & Motivation

  • Executive Function: What Is It, How do we Teach it and What Role Does It Play in the Transition Process?

  • Understanding and Capitalizing on the Relationship Between Executive Function and Regulation

  • Understanding Regulation (Emotional, Sensory, Cognitive, Physical) and its impact on learning, social relationships and independence

  • DIR Approach to Core Capacities and Functional-Emotional Development

  • The Domino Effect: How Regulation Undermines and Impacts the Ability to Engage, Reciprocate, Self-Reflect, Be Resilient, and Exhibit Motivation

  • Resiliency (Emotional, Cognitive, Physical, Sensory)

  • Unlocking the Mystery of Motivation in ASD Individuals: Why is it hard to find and maintain?

  • The Power of Mindset and the Role it Plays in Thinking, Learning, Creating and Evolving Both Personally and Interpersonally

  • Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness in Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

  • The Power of Presence: How Buddhism Provides Insight and Tools for Working and Interacting with individuals on the Autism Spectrum

Working and Interacting with individuals on the Autism Spectrum Understanding Neurodevelopment – Individual Variation

  • Building Neurodevelopmental Profiles: Management By Profile

  • Attention

  • Memory

  • Visualization, Conceptualization and Comprehension

  • Language

  • Social Cognition (social thinking, social behaviors, social emotion egulation, social awareness)

  • Higher Order Thinking

  • Executive Function

Educating Individuals on the Spectrum

  • Autism & Asperger’s Teaching Strategies & Accommodations

  • Emotions and Learning

  • Affinity Based Learning

  • Regulation, Co-Regulation and Self-Regulation and Learning

  • Executive Function Support In and Out of the Classroom

  • Resiliency and Stress Management

  • Healthy Relationships and Sexuality

  • Self-Advocacy

Transition to Adulthood & Independence

  • Executive Function: Keys to Finding and Maintaining Success and Independence at Home, in School, out in the Community and in the Workplace

  • Healthy Development of Social Relationships In person and Online

  • Autism & Asperger’s Career Development, Internship and Employment Support and Retention

  • Using Neurodevelopment, Affinities, Interests and Passions to Guide Transition Planning

  • Topical Issues on ASD Transitioning to Adulthood and Independence

  • Power of Mentorship: Internships, Apprenticeships, Community Allies Working on the Spectrum

  • How Employers can successfully hire, support and retain employees on the Autism Spectrum:

  • Capitalizing on Strengths, Anticipating Sandtraps & Roadblocks, and making Accommodations in the Workplace

  • How Hiring ASD Individuals Benefits Businesses: Reducing Risk and Allaying Concerns

Inclusivity – How Communities and Businesses can Embrace Individuals with Special Needs, Recognize the Value of Their Contributions, and Celebrate Diversity

Elana also welcomes requests for additional seminar, workshop, guest lecture and training topics within her domain of expertise. Please contact Elana for more information on past presentations, trainings and workshops.