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Building Resiliency Part I

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back after a difficult emotion, event, thought, or experience. Resiliency comes in many forms because we are a product of several key systems operating simultaneously – emotional, physical, sensory, cognitive. We take it for granted when it is present yet know all too well when it is not accessible to us or ...

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Memory: A Multi-Faceted Mystery

Memory is an elusive thing. Just ask anyone and they'll quickly be able to come up with an anecdote of a memory loss freefall. The mere thought of it often elicits nervous laughter or a resurgence of the embarrassment we felt at the time. How ironic to be able to remember forgetting so well. How frustrating when we find ourselves remembering ...

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Welcome to my new site!

I hope you will enjoy my writings, and will come back often!

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